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Enjoy my Anime Weekend Atlanta Fan Video!

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Anonymous asked: for the dominator, did you do both sides?



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cam’s cosplays from anime weekend atlanta!

soul - soul eater
(ft. maka - violetatlas; medusa - dyspro; patty - glahnish)

yato - noragami
(ft. yukine - the-neet-one; hiyori - violetatlas)

nagisa - free!
(ft. yata - foreverdreamingjaz; nitori - violetatlas)

i also cosplayed as john egbert for part of a day but didn’t get any photos. the con was a blast and i had a great time seeing so many friends and cosplaying these characters!


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We are so close to 2,000 followers and to thank all of you we’re giving away not one, but two signed copies of Breaking All The Rules: Cosplay & The Art of Self-Expression! “A book project to document cosplayer culture across the USA in interviews and photographs.”

The contest will run until 4pm EST on October 31st, 2014. We will randomly select 2 winners. Winners will be messaged by fire-raising and must respond within 48 hours or they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be randomly selected.

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Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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1st cosplay test for soul~ gotta fix up the wig and find my shoe laces but besides that, he’s done (^_^) #awa #souleater


1st cosplay test for soul~ gotta fix up the wig and find my shoe laces but besides that, he’s done (^_^) #awa #souleater

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I realized I never really posted any progress pics on here from when I was making my Ikki outfit. It’s a little late now but I still feel like I need to post something because not enough people know about the glory that is Choutokkyuu.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch THIS VIDEO. It’s amazing and cheesy and just when you think it can’t get more ridiculous… it does. You don’t even need subtitles to get the gist of what is going on.

I’ll be wearing this outfit again for AUSA and I’m super stoked!


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Being the oldest of all your cosplay friends like…

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Catbus CATBUS CATBUSSS!!! (and totoro + forest spirit)!

I designed all three dresses, and each dress is made and worn by the cosplayer themselves.

Catbus- sakuranym

Totoro- Piko Cosplay

Forest Spirit- Honey Dumpling Cosplay

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